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Alison Trask

Prize winning artist Alison Trask has centred her life around her art, which has included working as an in-house illustrator at an advertising studio in London, a period of time as a scenic painter and muralist, and in recent years working full time as an artist. Alison often has no pre-formed idea of the work as she begins each picture; it is the act of painting itself and the constant studying of the subject which allows her to reach a resolution. Her work is characterised by dark striking colours which she uses to great dramatic effect in her depictions of the Sussex, Kent and North Devon coast and countryside. Her visual message reflects a passionate response to the natural world.

In 1983 Alisonís formal art education began at Kent Institute of Art and Design where she graduated with honours in Design and Illustration. She then gained a Masters degree in Sequential Design and Illustration from Brighton University. "My work is characterised by striking colours which I use to create dramatic effect in my depictions of the Sussex, Kent and North Devon coast and countryside." Alison Trask